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White with Copper
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Interspeaker Cable

K-Stream is a high-performance interspeaker cable to complement KEF’s wireless HiFi speakers such as LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless. Created by Chord Company for KEF, its award-winning high-performance cable technology ensures the high-resolution data transfer between the primary and secondary speakers. K-Stream is now upgraded to 8 metres long, 2 metres above the previous version to provide greater flexibility when it comes to speaker placement.

High-performance Cat 6 ethernet

K-Stream delivers pristine transmission of data between the primary and secondary speakers thanks to its premium specification, which includes high-speed oxygen free conductors, low-loss low-density polyethylene insulation, individually shielded conductor pairs and 24ct. gold-plated signal contacts. Plus, its RJ45 connectors boast a non-compression strain relief system for improved reliability.
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Flexibility and style

As well as being a high-resolution and high-performance cable, K-Stream is 8 metres long, more than double of the cable supplied with LS50 Wireless II, which makes it ideal for creating a wider soundstage or for use in installations. K-Stream is available in two finishes: Titanium with Copper and White with Copper.

The Details


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•  High speed oxygen-free copper conductors
•  Individually shielded, twisted conductor pairs plus overall shield
•  Low-loss low density polyethylene insulation
•  24ct. gold-plated signal contacts
•  Over-moulded plug surround
•  Non-compression strain relief system
•  Available in two finishes


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Category 6A cable (Cat 6A)
8 metres
0.33 kg
26 AWG
Unit Measurement

Please visit our Product Support page for more details. KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE.

Customer Reviews

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K-Stream Cable

8 meters ! One can buy Chord ones less long at a fraction of the price, and they are identical, it seems !

Hi Joao,

Thank you for your feedback. Our bespoke KEF K-Stream cable has been designed to closely colour-match both the finishes of LS60 Wireless and LS50W ll speaker models. For those who want to neatly hide their cable in the cable management system of the S2 stands or have a room setup that needs longer cables to connect the speakers or the system to the router, the 8m cable makes this option much more easier to achieve.

Kind regards,

Your KEF Team

Exactly the same thing with à 15€ cable

For one tenth of the price, you’ll have *excatly* the same audio quality between the speakers. It reminds me of ludicrously priced HDMI cables when all there is to transmit is binary data. A 20 years old Cat5 cable would suffice here. I’m okay to pay for Kef’s knowledge and I’m very happy with my LSX II speakers but paying 10 times the average price for an Ethernet cable ? Nope.

Hi AP,

We are taking great care and putting many efforts in creating accessories for our products that match their quality in terms of cosmetic design and sound. That is why we are in close cooperation with the British company Chord for the K-Stream design, using their expertise on cables. KEF is recommending LSN cables that follow at least the CAT6 standard. Every KEF active streaming speaker system user should carefully select and use the cables she or he likes. The impact a cable has depends very much on individual conditions in someone's home. We recommend to listen carefully before purchase to make the right decision.

Kind regards,

Your KEF Team

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