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Our Selection: TIDAL Playlists for the LS Wireless Collection

With extensive libraries of music tracks, albums, and genres available to listen to at your fingertips, it is often tricky to decide what to enjoy. Here, some of our KEF Research & Development Team – the people behind our speakers – share the tracks that they have been taking time to enjoy with the LS Wireless Collection.

Each of our team is driven by a passion for music and the enjoyment of listening to a track exactly as the artist intended, where every note, breath between lyrics, or even the lightest touch of a drum brush can be heard. For this reason, these curated playlists have been selected from the TIDAL Masters catalogue, created in partnership with MQA.  A collection of millions of songs, these Master Quality Authenticated recordings are delivered in the highest possible resolution (typically 96 kHz / 24 bit) for a flawless listen. 
Lady reading a book, In front of her there is two LS50 Wireless II on an S2 stand

Prathmesh Thakkar, KEF Research & Development Engineer

A selection for LSX II

"This is my personal mix of artists and genres that I like. I would enjoy this list on any of the KEF LS systems, but I chose the LSX IIs because I love the contrast of the large, powerful sound they deliver despite their small footprint."

David Bosch, KEF Senior Research & Development Engineer

A selection for LS50 Wireless II

"LS50 Wireless II was one of my first big projects at KEF and I have a personal connection to it. This list of songs is a bit different to my usual recommendations for 'listening', this is music that personally takes me to a special place, and I hope anyone who listens can deep dive into a similar atmosphere."

Alex Holt, KEF Research & Development Engineer

A Selection for LS60 Wireless

"I chose these tracks as I listen to these artists quite a lot. Many of the tracks are electronic (or at least electronic-adjacent) in style, with a few tracks of other genres. This fairly sums up my music taste having listened to lots of electronic and dance music growing up. The LS60 Wireless really shows off the deep and tight bass in some of these tracks, given the speakers’ sealed enclosure design and distortion reduction technology."
Lady reading a book, In front of her there is two LS50 Wireless II on an S2 stand

How to stream music with TIDAL Connect

Streaming with TIDAL for the first time?  Watch our simple step-by-step video guides and connect your LS Wireless speakers in minutes.


TIDAL Exclusive Offer For LSX II, LS50 Wireless II, and LS60 Wireless

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Get the ultimate, undisrupted music experience with a library of over 80 million songs, unmatched sound and smooth connectivity.

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