1. One of my Mu3 earbuds is missing/broken. Can I purchase another?

Contact us if you would like to purchase a replacement earbud. This will require sending us the functioning/remaining earbud, as the replacement must be paired with it through firmware.


2. Can Mu3 connect to more than one Bluetooth device simultaneously?

Mu3 remembers up to 8 devices, however it can only pair with one device at a time. Multipoint function is not supported.


3. How do I pair to another Bluetooth device?

Switching to another device
1. Remove earbuds from charging case and wait till the earbuds are in Bluetooth pairing mode.
2. Select ‘KEF Mu3’ from your device’s Bluetooth list

Clear pairing list from earbuds and connect to a new device.
1. Put the earbuds in the charging case and long press both multifunction buttons until the LEDs flash blue/white
2. Take out both earbuds and wait until they are in Bluetooth pairing mode.
3. Select ‘KEF Mu3’ from your device’s Bluetooth list


4. Can one earbud be used as a stand-alone device? How to enable?

Yes. Mu3 offers Mono mode, where one earbud can be used, combining both L and R channels. To enter Mono mode, simply remove one earbud from the case and wait 15 seconds. To revert back to Standard mode, place the earbud back in the case.

Please note, when in Mono mode, only limited functions can be performed in multifunctional button.


5. My earbuds are not pairing to each other. How can I manually pair them?

The earbuds should pair when the charging case lid is opened. In the unlikely event of this not occurring, place both earbuds back in the charging case and long press both earbud multifunction keys simultaneously.


6. Can the ear tips affect the ANC and sound performance?

Yes. It is important to choose the ear tip that creates the best seal in your ear whilst being comfortable. A poor seal will allow external sound to leak in and reduce the accuracy of ANC, as well as reduce bass performance.


7. Are the batteries replaceable?

The batteries of the earbuds and charging case cannot be replaced. Mu3 has no user-serviceable parts.


8. Which Bluetooth codecs are supported by Mu3 earphones?

Mu3 supports SBC and AAC codecs


9. Will Mu3 auto power off? How do I wake the earbuds back up?

Mu3 earbuds will turn off after 10 minutes without a Bluetooth connection to conserve battery. To wake them back up, place the earbuds back in the case and close the lid. The earbuds will power back on when the lid is opened again.

The charging case will enter sleep mode if the lid is open for more than 10 mins. Please close the lid and re-open the lid to wake it up.


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